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>> at eleven. walnut creek says. it has the money and is ready to go - bringing in more police. but the department is still understaffed. we'll explain why. millions of tax dollars to pay for work on a hillside near the golden gate bridge. washed away by rain. and the plan to fix the trail being hung out to dry. we explain. next. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched.
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(male announer) live from the bay area's news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> a police standoff happening now in berkeley we head out live to the short- staffed. the walnut creek police chief says. he does not have enough officers on the streets. right now, there are 72 staff officers. but seven of them are out for either injury or military leave. a full- staff would mean 80 officers.
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kron four's philippe djegal explains why city officials say, they're having a tough time filling positions. the walnut creek police department website currently shows two full-time police officer positions are available. offering a salary range between 76 and 93-thousand dollars a year. might sound good. but police chief joel bryden tells the city council that might not be competitive enough. councilman justin wedel says potential candidates are force. instead, choosing other bay area police departments because othey officer a more competitive salary and benefits package. now, that the department is under-staffed. wedel says some detectives have been reassigned to patrol, putting some long- term investigations on hold. traffic cops have also been reassigned to patrol.
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as have the officers on the downtwon police task force, who monitor bars and crackdown on drunk drivers. councilman wedel says any and all options are on the table to attract more officers to the force. he says the city is putting potential candidates through two academies within the next six months. wedell says one-third of the applicants usually don't pass becaose of background checks, and other reasons. but that hopefully, the academy will provide more officers. in walnut creek, philippe djegal, kron four news. to put things in perspective, the starting salary for a police officer in san francisco starts at out at almost 89-thousand dollars. in san jose. it is 72-thousand dolalrs. and in oakland the starting salary is about 69-thousand dollars. >> pam: jeff bush bus? >> yes, they are being tight-lipped. one thing that we know is that one thing was from shots fired. we are between muddy street. -- mcghee to california street. we have firefighters on the
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scene. in case something happens. not quite sure but what we are hearing was that there were shots fired earlier from a vehicle. police negotiators are trying to make contact. for now, that is all we know. pam to do, jeff. >> jacqueline: it was certainly, cooler with 40's. 40's in fairfield. temperatures are going to be quite
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the lead investigator in the case against olympian and double amputee - oscar pistorius. faces attempted an october 2011 shooting. in this separate case, detective hilton botha is scheduled to appear in court in may. on seven counts of attempted murder. he and two other police officers fired shots. while trying to stop suspects in a van. meantime, on wednesday, the prosecution's murder case against pistorius seemed to unravel. there are revelations of a
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series of police blunders. and botha's admission tonight, that authorities have no evidence which challenges the olympian's claim, that he killed his girlfriend by accident. pistorius faces a charge of pre -meditated murder. one suspect is on the loose. but, police say, his partner is in jail tonight, after a santa cruz family turned the tables on the two. during an early morning attempted home- invasion robbery. kron four's rob fladeboe reports now. on how the family pulled together. meet the family who fought back. yarri gonzalez, his wife cricket and their two daughters. yarri says they were fast asleep about 4:30 wednesday morning when two men, whom they have since dubbed 'thug' and 'weasel,' barged into their bedroom and demanded money.
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one man went after yarri with this sword while the other man held a screw driver to his wife's throat while trying to tie them up with the duct tape and a computer cable. during the fight that ensued, the couple's 12- year-old daughter escaped to a neighbor's who called 911. the couple have some cuts and bruises to show for their trouble but no regrets. when they arrived, police found that one of the invaders had escaped but the other was at the bottom of a dogpile with th gonzalez family on top. in santa cruz riob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> an east bay watchdog group is suing several companies - including target - for selling children's
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mats. which the group says. contain toxic chemicals. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, the mats are commonly used in daycare facilities throughout the bay area. >> this is a sample that we sent to the laboratory.
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meantime they will continue with this lawsuit. in oakland, terisa estacio, kron 4. >> pam: the victim targetted by a child molestor. now facing cyber bullying. the president's administration. debates making a monumental move on same- sex marriage.
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it happened earlier this month at a home on wendy drive near beth drive. here are sketches of the suspects. police say, on the morning of february 7th, the suspects pistol whipped one of the residents, and held others at gun-point. the suspects got away with money, a laptop and a hand- gun from the home. gun from the home. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort... individualized. at the ultimate sleep number event, queen mattresses start at just $599. and save 50% on our limited edition bed. ends sunday!
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a section of a popular trail in san francisco's presidio is closed. because the land is sliding in the area, and this comes. just months after millions of dollars of upgrades were done. kron four's jeff bush shows you the damaged trail. and explains why nothing is being done to fix it right away. nature has a way of undoing what mankind creates. this is one of those stories. the national park service spent about six million dollars fixing up this section of the presidio coastal trail last year. but, despite the relatively mild winter, all that work sinking. signs are all over the place warning people of the danger and a fence has been
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erected to keep people out of the area. you can see how much erosion has happened by simply looking at the reinforced ledge. look in the middle of your screen and you'll notice the wall has sunk several feet. now take a look from this perspective and it is clear the level of disintegration here. joggers and hikers are detoured onto the roadway and, at times, have to climb over the guard rail to get there. efforts have been made to keep the slide from getting bigger. black, plastic tarps are laid out and a drain
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has been installed to give the water a place to go but all of that happed after the damage was done. it is a minor inconvenience for those who come here to see the beauty of a sunset or the sight of the golden gate bridge in the distance but some are wondering if there should have been more planning and mitigating efforts done before the wall was constructed in the first place. officials say they are really not quite sure what to do. they are starting to put a plan together and working with geologists who are keeping a close eye on this hillside to see if it moves any more but, for now, this section of this trail will remain closed until further notice. i'm jeff bush at the presidio of san francisco, kron four news. >> jacqueline: patchy fog. to the coast and the bay shore. into the afternoon low 60s in palo alto. we will see low 60s in the richmond. 60s and concord.
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cooler along the coast. and 62 degrees in santa rosa to look at your extended forecast chance for some light showers in the north bay. but mainly cooler temperatures. we will rebound with mild conditions for next week. federal officials are blaming unsafe working conditions. for the death of a san francisco veterans affairs medical researcher. last year, richard din. was working on a vaccine for a rare strain of meningitis - when he himself became infected with the disease.
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and later died. a livermore mother. fresh out of state prison. is now being questioned by police about a cyber- bullying attack against one of her victims. christine hubbs. seen in this video from a earlier court date. was convicted of having sex with two teenage boys. she was arrested on friday for a parole violation. just days after being released. then on saturday, police tell kron 4 news. threatening messages about one of the victims appeared online. livermore police tell us, the victim was frightened and called 9-1-1. the posts have been removed from the internet. police are still investigating. what role hubbs had in posting the threatening messages. in national news tonight. president obama is considering weighing in. on gay marriage here in
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california. the administration is considering whether to urge the u.s. supreme court to overturn the state's ban on gay marriage. it has until february 28 to intervene. california voters approved the ballot initiative in 2008. that overturned a state supreme court decision allowing gay marriage. 29 other states have constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. nine states and washington, d-c recognize same-sex marriages. san jose and san francisco making the short list of prospectivie cities for the 2024 summer olympics. san jose already responding with a thanks. but no thanks. saying the requirements to host the olympic is too expenseive an undertaking for the city. one of the requirements of hosting the olympics. is having an operating budget of more than 3-billion dollars! other requirements include providing 45-thousand hotel rooms
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an olympic village for 16- thousand 500 people and a 5- thousand person dining hall. >> the warriors, and these could be moving to san jose. ..
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suns at warriors warriors looking to snap a season long 6-game losing
11:26 pm
streak spanning 17 days 1st quarter tentatively the a's could move to san jose and not going to be pc. some indication, that they could be moving from oakland to san jose.
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and guerroro could be lin ked to possible steroids. wanting to have a victory tonight, with 20 points, nine rebounds it does not love but there is going to be any major moves. and and curve, not bad tonight, with 19 points, 11 rebounds and curry. and 11 assists. 108- 98. nothing spectacular. but they are a better team when they are on the floor playing at the very least decently. >> the lakers, without jerry. >> through our years, being
11:28 pm
here at the staples said for the one thing we can always count on was the great dr. tre.overlooking his franchise. from his box. >> the left the chair empty tonight. the biggest reason they bought the lakers was to beat the boston celtics. and she is the fiancee of phil jackson. with that assistance, steve national press magic johnson for the fourth in the all-time list. lakers 113-99. thunder at rockets jeremy lin, james harden and the high octane rockets hosting the oklahoma city thunder rockets down 8. harden - beats the 3rd quarter buzzer with this half court shot against his former team harden: 46 points rockets win 122-119 note: kevin durant had1st
11:29 pm
half the worst first half for santa clara in quite some time this blocked shot leads to an easy hoop for gonzaga's mike hart another broncos turnover and it's kelly olynick with the hoop the other way olynick: 14 points, 7 rebs gonzaga lead 44-15 at halftime! #3 gonzaga wins 9th straight final: 85-42 gonzaga scu drops to 19-9 gonzaga: 26-2 nhl flyers pound the net in pittsburgh - hey kids shocker and according to the associated press, they received 2 in. of snowfall in one hour. tiger woods showed up and then he said that they are leaving. snowfall. and this soccer baltica is right to the end. along

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